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"See your market like a landscape"

"Pre-test your product ideas with a mouse click."

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MARKSIM™ is an intergrated workflow-solution for market segmentation and market simulation.

MARKSIM™ answers the following important strategic questions using advanced statistical methods like multivariate analysis (based on choice based conjoint-surveys (cbc) and preference clustering).

  • Who is your competitor?
  • What are the competitive products in your market?
  • Is there a kind of self-competition?
  • Which of your products is in competition with another one – either your own products or your competitor’s products
  • How strong is the price elasticity of demand for your products?
  • Is it just sufficient to change a product’s price?
  • What is the utility e.g. of a creditcard for free for a salary account or a 25 mega pixel sensor in a digi cam?

MARKSIM™ (new release!) FEATURE LIST

  • Change easily between different segmentations (market maps).
  • Immediately show the change of preference within your selected subset/target group.
  • Improved exploration und analysis.
  • Comprehensive filtering capabilities.
  • Linear und discrete calculation of part-worth for conjoint analysis.
  • Quick (just-in-time) preview of competition whenever a product feature (e.g. price) has been changed.
  • State of the art simulation of market shares using Randomized First Choice (RFC) using up to 100.000 iterations.
  • Extended import/export capabilities for market research data.
  • Multilingual interface (english, german, chinese) – i18n.
  • completely web-based workflow
  • multi-user
  • runs within each standard web browser
  • implemented in UTF-8
  • works with different languages (Western/Eastern Europe, India, Eastern Asian)
  • allows multinational studies