fully flexible conjoint surveys

MARKSIM's choice based conjoint questionnaire offers a vairiety of configuration possibilities, including super large designs of 10+ product features with lots of parameters.


Exploration & Targeting

comprehensive exploration capabilities

create subsets and target groups by making use of MARKSIM's comprehensive filter capabilities.



Random first choice simulation

Simulate customer buing behaviour with MARKSIM's leading edge RFC simulation using 10,000 simulated buying acts for each customer.



Profiling for each market segment.

Let MARKSIM identify and show you what customers want. Find market niches and simulate products to occupy that niche.



Auto-Segmentation of existing CRM datasets.

Find out easily which market segment your existing customers belong to.

"Product development has never been easier!"


"See your market like a landscape"

"Pre-test your product ideas with a mouse click."

MARKSIM™ is an intergrated workflow-solution for market segmentation and  market simulation. MARKSIM™ answers the following important strategic questions using advanced statistical methods like multivariate analysis (based on choice based conjoint-surveys (cbc) and preference clustering).

  • Who is your competitor?
  • What are the competitive products in your market?
  • Is there a kind of self-competition?
  • Which of your products is in competition with another one – either your own products or your competitor’s products
  • How strong is the price elasticity of demand for your products?
  • Is it just sufficient to change a product’s price?
  • What is the utility e.g. of a creditcard for free for a salary account or a 25 mega pixel sensor in a digi cam?


  • Change easily between different segmentations (market maps).
  • Immediately show the change of preference within your selected subset/target group.
  • Improved exploration und analysis.
  • Comprehensive filtering capabilities.
  • Linear und discrete calculation of part-worth for conjoint analysis.
  • Quick (just-in-time) preview of competition whenever a product feature (e.g. price) has been changed.
  • State of the art simulation of market shares using Randomized First Choice (RFC) using up to 10.000 iterations.
  • Extended import/export capabilities for market research data.
  • Multilingual interface (english, german, chinese) – i18n.
  • completely web-based workflow
  • multi-user
  • runs within each standard web browser
  • implemented in UTF-8, works with different languages (Western/Eastern Europe, India, Eastern Asian), allows multinational studies